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There are 4 common types of skin: Dry, Normal, Oily and Combination (dry/oily). Large pores on face are usually (but not exclusively) on thicker-oily skin.

Here are a few tips to minimize the appearance of large pores.

1. Cleanse your skin at least once a day, twice daily is ideal, and use a non-scrubbing mild cleanser that contains an exfoliator such as glycolic acid.

2. Start using Retinol. This wonderful ingredient will aid in the turnover of skin cells, refine large pores by thinning out the upper layer of the epidermis and getting rid of dead cells. Retinol will both nourish your skin and also give you a younger, more vibrant appearance. Note: Retinol should be applied only at night so as to avoid photo sensitivity that might cause hyperpigmentation.

3. Get a professional facial (which includes extractions) regularly to remove blackheads and other impurities clogging your pores. This will prevent facial pores from enlarging, resulting in further damage.
If you prefer performing your own facials, I find charcoal masks to be quite effective.

4. Sagging skin can also make the appearance of large pores more prominent.
Consulting with a skincare specialist to determine a course of action is advised, as there are a number of effective options that can tighten and lift the skin, refine pores and achieve a younger looking you. The most common treatments include light therapy, micro needling, microdermabrasion, radio frequency and micro current.

5. Do not scrub your face. Mechanical exfoliation can be irritating and will stimulate the oil glands making them produce more sebum which in turn produces more clogged pores.

6. Use non-comedogenic makeup and skincare products. The healthiest products available are mineral based, and always avoid products which contain mineral oil, talc, and parabens.